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Bear is an amazing dog. I know that he absolutely loves going on trips and enjoying places outside of my home. He lives for a trip in the truck to a lake, the forest, the desert, or anywhere else. When my dad watches Bear he gets to ride in the car to the grocery store (in the winter cooler months). 

Dogs are wonderful animals and one of the most popular pets in America. There are over 79 million homes in America with a pet. The number of homes with a dog is around 55 million. Pet Ownership in the United States is growing every year. This is wonderful news for animal lovers. There is a ton of stores in Las Vegas that are dog-friendly. How much fun is that? Certain times I feel your dogs and pets should be left at home. 

Dogs are usually loved by the majority of people. If you have ever taken a dog in public the attention is extremely high. I once took a 6-month-old yellow lab puppy (Fred) on the Las Vegas Strip. The amount of people that would stop us was unbelievable. He was training to be a service dog and the exposure to the changing environment was great for him. There were a few people who walked away and seemed a bit nervous and avoided him as a PUPPY!

This was something that I was doing to photograph him in locations that you normally shouldn't take a dog in Las Vegas. However it helped with his training and I couldn't resist hanging with Fred for a few hours on the strip. 

"Fred" Venetian Las Vegas

"Fred" Venetian Las Vegas

Fred greeting his fans on the Las Vegas Strip

Fred greeting his fans on the Las Vegas Strip

Fred going for a walk at the Venetian

Fred going for a walk at the Venetian

I feel that certain places are not a great spot for dogs to enjoy. Dogs shouldn't be at large venues with huge crowds of people. I have attended a few outdoor concerts and I see people bringing dogs to listen to the music. This is a perfect example of when you should give your dog lots of exercise during the day and let them sleep it off at home. While you enjoy the concert. Dogs are not fans of loud noises often. The sense of hearing on a dog is much greater than ours a loud environment can stress your dog out. 

Dogs should be left at home if you are going to be out of the house for long periods of time. If you are leaving and going to run errands all day it may be best to leave your dog at home. Dogs that are well exercised and mannered will enjoy the couch by themselves for a few hours while you run errands. 

Dogs shouldn't be taken out in public if they can be seen as a nuisance. Does your dog bark at every person who walks by? This dog should go to a dog training class before going out in public. Most dog owners understand that a dog barks and it's something that shows excitement and to alert you to the delivery man. However if you are taking your dog places other than the dog park be mindful that some people will not appreciate this behavior and may say something to you. Retail establishments that allow dogs reserve the right to refuse service or ask a person to leave with an unruly dog. Dog training can help with having a dog who is well mannered and allowed in public.

Dogs shouldn't go to the Las Vegas strip. While there is several properties on the strip that allow dogs to stay in the hotel. The ordinances in place for the Las Vegas Strip make it almost impossible to have a dog with you. While I have had a few photo sessions on the strip this is not something I would normally do with clients. The dogs I photograph on the Las Vegas strip often have several months if not years of training to allow them to be in public. This is not the place for you to enjoy with your dog. The summer months in Las Vegas can make the pavement extremely hot.

Taking your dog to events with pyrotechnics is terrible for dogs ears. Dogs can become startled and run away. They can also be stressed and have adverse reactions to the loud noises and the lights. The busiest day of the year for shelters is the 4th of July. It is for the safety of your pet that they stay home if you are going to an event with fireworks.

Dog-friendly locations are becoming a lot more common. If you are going to a dog-friendly event it's best to be prepared. I always carry poop bags with me in case they are needed. I will also bring treats if I will be gone for a longer time period. My vehicle always has several dog items in it at all times. I carry a collapsible dog bowl, slip leads, an extra ball and a few other items. While visiting dog-friendly locations pay attention to your dog and make sure to pick up after them.

There is a ton of dog-friendly events that are wonderful for dogs and their owners to attend. This is a great time to attend those events and let your dog meet some new friends. Las Vegas Pet Scene always has a calendar of events.  I feel that Las Vegas needs more pet-friendly events while the weather is nice. 

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