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When people see my business name they always ask "What is Bark Gallery?". I explain that Bark Gallery is my Pet Photography business and I specialize in photographing animals in outdoor or studio environments. That's the short handshake 2 minute answer. 


Photographers usually name the photography business after their name. My name is Rick Vierkandt which is commonly misspelled and hard to remember. I wanted a name that was easy to remember and spell. I started the company in 2006 with my initials GRJV which was even harder to remember or recognize with pet photography. So in 2014 I started revamping my company name, logo, and brand. Bark Gallery was born. I wanted my company branding to match my artistic high quality pet portraiture and instantly be recognized. 


Bark Gallery was my thought as it combines the sound a dog makes with gallery which is where a person attains artwork from. I feel that the name is wonderful representation of what I offer in pet photography, wall decor, and other photo products.

I would say that 90% of my clients have dogs photographed. I of course never turn down any other animal of any kind but dogs are very popular pets. My next favorite pet to photograph is cats although they can be extremely difficult to capture. 

Bark Gallery offers museum quality photographic products. The canvas wall portraits I offer are the highest quality product available on the market. The photographic prints I offer are archival and made with color fast inks to last over a 100 years. I also offer other items including photo t-shirts, photo jewelry, greeting cards, and several other products. 


Bark Gallery also gives back in several ways. I often spend hours and hours each month photographing rescue pets for the purpose of finding forever homes. I have also frequently been a part of fundraising efforts for various rescues in Las Vegas.  

Bark Gallery is also working on a rescue pet photography instructional series. This will help to train rescue pet volunteers in capturing better photos with a basic camera. My idea is to also have sponsorship from companies to assist in the training. 

You have also probably read or heard about my personal dog Bear. I lovingly call him the Bark Gallery mascot as he is the logo, and I frequently use his photos for advertising and promotions. He has a personality that is unmatched and unique. Would you like to read Bear's story? Bear's Story Bark Gallery Mascot.

Bark Gallery - Rick Vierkandt

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