Wall Portraits- Bark Gallery

One of the products I regularly offer is wall portraits. This is a great way to decorate your home decor with your beautiful pets! The great thing about a large wall portrait is that it's a wonderful piece of artwork for your home, and it lasts for generations to come. I feel that pets are family, a part of your life for a short time but truly a companion. Why not decorate a wall with a beautiful photo of your pet companion? 


The camera equipment used produces large quality prints. I have had clients order prints that are over 8ft long. That print has a presence in the room and really showcases the family pet. This is a great conversation piece of artwork for your home. Everyone Loves seeing prints larger than life of their pets. 

The nice thing about outdoor locations is its calming to have a landscape scene in your home. There has been studies that show that bringing nature images into your home has health benefits. There has been studies which show nature photography lowers blood pressure.


One of the reasons I feel wall portraits are great is we live in a digital world. Most of us have a digital camera built into our phones, we snap a few clicks of things as it happens share them on social media and almost never print out the images. It's refreshing to see professional photographs of your family. 

If you are wanting to have a visual made of your home, or office with a print to size please let me know before or after your Bark Gallery session. I will layout the images to give you an idea of how it will look.


Rick Vierkandt- Bark Gallery