Swimming with Bear- Bark Gallery Mascot

Bear has swam out at Lake Mead with me numerous times. He loves going out and fetching the ball. I often take him out there so he can get some good exercise and have some fun out at the lake. I tried to take him to a friends to swim in their pool when I first adopted Bear. He watched the other dogs jump in the pool but decided he was not into the man made lake.  I always wanted to train him in dock jumping. Which is a fun activity where your dog jumps off a dock into a pool of water. I have photographed this sport and some of the champions in the sport, it's truly a blast to watch and photograph. 

So you fast forward a few years and I was at a friend's house and I thought I would try again, only this time I would get in the pool and hold the ball. I quickly found out that Bear will only get in using the pool's steps. Once he found the steps he was an old pro at manmade swimming.  I started seeing if he would dunk his head underwater and sure enough he did!  

I was of course filming this with my video camera and I made a quick little video showing off Bear and his pool swimming skills. I will link that video below, check it out!


Rick Vierkandt- Bark Gallery