PAL Animal Sanctuary History

This organization is getting ready to celebrate 25 years of helping pets in need. They had reached out to Bark Gallery for a donation, and I told them I would love to help spread the word about their organization. Below you can read a little about them and the great things they do! They are also looking for donations of dry dog food, dry cat food, and kitty litter! If you book a session and mention this blog post, I will donate a bag of dog food! 


In 1993 some friends concerned about animal welfare met to decide what they could do to help animals; within four months PAL Animal Sanctuary (now PALNV) was formed and granted their 501(c)3!

After seventeen years of operating as an animal shelter/clinic, and as funds allowed, proactively keeping pets in their homes by providing pet food and veterinary services, it was decided that the organization’s primary focus needed to shift. There were many shelters, but who beside PAL was helping financially challenged individuals care for their pets and keep them at home?

After two years of planning and finding homes for all of the animals in the shelter, PAL could focus on:

* providing food for pets of financially challenged seniors, veterans, families and the homeless (delivering to households where people are disabled or unable to access transportation)

* defraying spay/neuter surgery costs thus helping people comply with the law, keep pets healthier and reduce shelter intake and animal overpopulation, and continue

* helping with veterinary costs

Additionally, late in 2017 PAL organized The PAL Coalition that provides assistance to the animal welfare community by offering pet food to member organizations. This enables former pet food budgets to be used for services such as veterinary care, adoption events etc.

Our goal is to assist organizations, making a positive difference and working collaboratively with each other for the benefit of the animals they care for.

A veterinarian joined our Board of Directors, enabling us to take our next step. Later this year we plan to open a (low/no cost) Pet Wellness Clinic where, vaccines can be given and minor pet illnesses can be treated.

Please help support our clinic by donating to PALNV so we can provide much needed veterinary help to pets in our community and the people that love them.

Anyone wishing to donate can do so through our website (, mailing a check to us : PALNV, 4155 N. Rancho Dr., #150, Las Vegas, NV 89130, or dropping by our office Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM.