Dock jumping a fun sport to play with your dog. - Bark Gallery Las Vegas

Have you ever seen a dog leap off a dock into a pool of water? It's pretty amazing. The dogs who love dock jumping cant' seem to get enough of the sport. I personally think it's an amazing activity to play with your dog. 

I have seen dogs that have tried this sport and just don't like it. I have no clue why some dogs will not jump off a dock into water, while others fly off the dock! Bear, my personal dog is one of those dogs that would rather not jump off a dock. He doesn't seem to like the idea of his feet leaving the ground, he loves swimming but likes to have a foot on the ground. 

I had some friends who were competing at a National Championship dock jumping competition and I came out to support and have some fun! I was able to jump a few dogs off the docks and that was a blast for me!  While I was watching I took some photos and did a video of Aitana doing her first attempts at a part of the sport called Extreme Vertical. The video will give you a pretty good idea how it works. 

Rick Vierkandt - Bark Gallery

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