4 Favorite Pet Photo locations around Las Vegas, NV

4 Favorite Pet Photo Locations- Las Vegas, NV

I often spend days checking out new parks, or outdoor areas that are dog friendly for photographs. There is 4 places that I seem to always gravitate to, they are picturesque, and impressive scenery.  I rarely go to dog parks for client sessions, those environments are often extremely distracting to your dog, and not conducive to pet portraits. I have done rescue adoption portraits at certain dog parks, usually only with a large group of rescue dogs. It is an effective way for me to photograph as many rescue portraits as possible in a shorter amount of time. I am always up for a fun, new location so please feel free to offer suggestions. 

1) Red Rock/Calico Basin 

This area is extremely popular in Las Vegas. I have photographed numerous times around this area. This area has wonderful diversity, grassy fields, red mountains, and a wonderful expanse.  The fall offers a bit of color, and it really brings a new element to your Bark Gallery experience.  One thing I would like to note, is this is a national preserve,  I obey the rules set forth to protect the area.  One of my pet peeves is seeing portrait photographers taking clients into the meadow at Red Springs. This area then becomes trampled by people and delicate plants are not able to grow. Always respect nature! 


2) Mount Charleston

The mountains above Las Vegas, offer a diverse background for photography. The flora and fauna of the mountains is a different style than in the Las Vegas valley. The area is typically a bit cooler in the summer which helps to make the session more enjoyable in the summer. Late fall, and winter are great for something a bit different. 


3) Sunset Park/ Floyd Lamb State Park

Both parks feel about the same to me. However Floyd Lamb does offer a bit more fall colors than Sunset park, the majority of the time, both parks appear very similar. The parks are quite large, and offer plenty of room for photo sessions. There is numerous other parks that I have photographed at, but both of these come up often. Sunset is somewhat centrally located and close to the airport. Floyd Lamb is a great choice for my clients in the North Las Vegas area, 


4) Lake Mead

One of my favorite locations to take Bear, is to the lake. He loves swimming, it is great exercise for him and we get to enjoy a day on the water.  The locations out there can vary across the park and should be discussed before the session. . The landscape is constantly changing out there. The photos are usually action photos with your dogs ending with some swimming photos. 


*Extra Location- Dry Lake Bed (winter only) 

This location offers a very interesting landscape. It's a mostly flat surface, usually cracked from water sitting and then drying out. The dry lake bed is a spot that I photographed Bear at over the winter. I did a few photos of him laying down, and a few action photos. This location is perfect for a winter session as the ground can get extremely hot during the summer months. This location is a very simple landscape. There is nothing, it showcases your pet and the dry desert conditions we live in. 


The locations we have around the Las Vegas area for photography is endless. I know of other locations that are a bit off the beaten path that I haven't listed here. A few of the local parks that I frequent often I left off as well. If you have a favorite location, I am happy to partake in a new location, it could become a favorite.  A few of the places I haven't photographed pets at yet but would love to, Nelson Ghost Town, Valley of Fire, and the wetlands park. Those locations offer some interesting backdrops for photographs but I haven't been yet. Would you like your Bark Gallery session there? Let Me know!


Rick Vierkandt- Bark Gallery.